So its time for the last post on prototyping 101. I hope you guys liked it as much as I liked writing about it.


post03Image01Before you show it, read the next part of the post. There are a couple of rules for when to show and how.

Only show your prototype AFTER you finish it and you are happy with the result. Showing the prototype before its finished can lead to:

  • Prototype discontinuation of a promising feature
  • Non-technical discussions leading to “I think that….”
  • Changes to the feature that will spoil the final result.

After you have approved the prototype, select a few people from your target audience and test with them individually. Also you need to prepare them for what they are about to see. Remember: this is a prototype!

Start by explaining to the user/player the points you are trying to validate on the prototype (What to consider) and the ones that are not (What to not consider).

Let’s imagine that I have a shooting system prototype to show to a player tester where all the enemies are boxes, my gun is a rectangle and I shoot cylinders. All the sound feedbacks are beeps.

  • What to consider: The shooting feeling, recoil, camera, inputs.
  • What to not consider: Visual, special effects art and sound and animations.

If you are in a team, show it only to some fellow developers. You want to have some developers that never played it to give you more feedbacks about the whole system as you move forward.

That`s it! If you followed all the steps you should have a super cool prototype that has been approved and will make your game great.


See you guys next week!

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