nicholasMy name is Nicholas Souza and I am a senior game designer currently working at Ubisoft Montreal on a undisclosed project. I’m in the games industry for 9 years having designed portable games (DS, PSP), freemium mobile games and AAA games. I love all sorts of digital games and boardgames (I have a small collection of them BTW )

Currently living in: Montreal, QC – Canada

Languages: Portuguese (native), English (fluent), French (Intermediate)

Skype ID: nlsouza


Ubisoft Montreal- Montreal- Canada (Full-time – Since November 2012)

Senior Game Designer: Undisclosed project 

  • Working on its conception

Senior Game Designer: Rainbow Six: Siege (PC, XBOX One, Playstation 4)

  • Designed the PVE Game Modes
  • Designed the AI Shooting System & worked on improving all AI archetypes
  • Worked on the game monetization
  • Balanced game economy

Senior Game Designer: Mighty Quest for Epic Loot (PC)

  • Designed and prototyped the game creature behaviors and abilities
  • Designed core systems features like Forge and Creature Crafting
  • Worked with content design creation and integration
  • Balanced game economy

Glu Mobile – São Paulo – Brazil (Full-time – Since November 2010)

Conception Game Designer: Blood and Glory: Legends (Android, iOS)

  • Worked with the system’s design at the very early concept stage of the project.

Lead Game Designer: Blood and Glory (Android, iOS)

  • Designed the game structure & game mechanics
  • Prototyped core combat gameplay with 4 programmers
  • Tweaked the difficulty curve and gameplay parameters
  • Created the game economy
  • Level designed the enemies and their fightstyles

Ubisoft Entertainment – São Paulo – Brazil (Full-time – Since October 2008)

Lead game designer: Michael Jackson: The Experience (Nintendo DS, PSP)

  • Worked on the entire conception. Designed the game structure.
  • Did Rational Game Design, and prototyped the gameloop and score system with a programmer and artists.
  • Tweaked the difficulty curve and gameplay parameters.
  • Worked to redesign the gameplay UI to have a better understanding of the game score.
  • Level designed 6 songs of the game.

Game Designer: 3DS Project (Cancelled)

  • Worked as game designer for the conception of a game for 3DS

Game Designer: Imagine Detective (Nintendo DS)

  • Designed some minigames, and prototyped them with a programmer and artist, helping with the signs and feedbacks.
  • Tweaked the game features, optimizing gameplay.
  • Managed the difficulty curve and game progression.
  • Responsible for the game tests, achieving a “solid go” in the first submission for Nintendo TRC.

Imagine Play LTDA – São Paulo – Brazil (Full-time – January 2007 – October 2008)

  • In charge of creating web advergames for several Brazilian companies
  • Designed a serious game for a quality security consultant company
  • Designer a mobile RPG game for the Brazilian market

Level Up! Interactive S.A – São Paulo – Brazil (Full-time – June 2006 – September 2006)

Project Assistant

  • In charge of analyzing MMO games from foreign publishers leading a group of 15 testers and producing complete reports about each game and the ones suited for the Brazilian market
  • Replaced the Ragnarök Product Manager for 1 month during his vacation, being responsible for the game’s maintenance, patches, and all the other Product Manager functions

Level Up! Interactive S.A – São Paulo – Brazil (Internship – May 2004 – June 2006)

Quest Creation and Community Moderator

  • In charge of more than 100 in-game quests creation for the MMORPG Ragnarök Online Brazilian servers.
  • Designed several projects for consumer fidelity.
  • Big contact with the game’s community being the companies’ administrator and moderator on the official forum of the game, analyzing and gathering suggestions for the in-game quests and other companies’ issues.
  • Direct contact with the Korean developers, issuing 4 scripted in-game events per month, highly evaluated by the community.